Dog Facts: The Chihuahua

Dog Facts: The Chihuahua

Dog Facts: The Chihuahua is a small, sturdy dog that was originally bred in the Mexican state of Chihuahua. Chihuahua was the breeding ground for this type of dog. Chihuahuas can be seen in ancient paintings from Mexico, in a style that is very similar to the way they look today.

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Dog Facts: The Chihuahua: The portrayals of these dogs on the temple walls appear to indicate that they played an important part in society. Their presence in the mystical life of this era seems to be unquestionable. They were renowned for their ability to inspire people toward faith. The discovery of canine bones near human gravesites suggests that these animals may have been considered sacred in some cultures and were buried alongside their owners after death. The conquest of the country by the conquistadors led to the near extermination of the race. The destruction of the Aztec families led to the death of their dogs. Some Chihuahuas were spared during the massacre and became the foundation of the breed. The Chihuahua race was discovered during excavations in the 19th century.

The Chihuahua is said to be the “puppy” of all breeds of dogs. Weighing less than 900 grams, its ideal weight falls within the range of 1.3-1.8kg. It weighs anywhere from sixty to eighty grams at birth! The normal size for an adult is around 15 to 20 cm.

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Dog Facts: The Chihuahua Categories

Dog Facts: The Chihuahua can be classified into two categories: those with long hair, and those with short hair. The variant with close-cropped hairs was favored for a long period because it gained public favor early on. Until the beginning of the 1950s, long hairs were thus overlooked. The standard accepts all hues of clothing. The deer’s marked black is the favorite color combination in Mexico. Plain dresses are the preferred choice in the United States. Two-tone dresses, on the other hand, as well as the colors chocolate, are very popular in France. Everything is a matter of taste, and the people of each country adhere to certain fashions or social behaviors.

The color of the garment is always a surprise with each birth, because no matter what color the parents are, pups appear. According to ranges, Chihuahua blacks, whites, deer, chocolate, gray-blue, shandies, two-tone, or carbonized.

Dog Facts: The Chihuahua is an expensive dog to buy, but it does have one advantage: it is relatively inexpensive to feed. For him, a daily meal of fifty grams of meat is sufficient. It was rarely sick and lived for an average of over fifteen years.

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