Dog Trainer Equipment


Dog Trainer Equipment

During the course of the training, we will use a bunch of tools to help us achieve our goals more efficiently and effectively. These tools will also make it easier for your dogs to learn new commands faster.

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The clicker is a small yet effective tool that helps in training a dog’s behavior. With the clicker, we teach the dog how they should behave by using it as positive reinforcement. For example, if the dog does something that we want, we will press on the click and give them a treat. Thanks to the clicker, the dog knows what they are doing right and why they are being rewarded.
Because canine language is also based on intonations, it can be hard to speak out the words “good dog” at the exact time the dogs do the right thing. However, the clicker makes it easier for us to be precise when appreciating a dog’s behavior. When a dog realizes why they’re being rewarded, they are more likely to repeat that behavior.

Dog Clicker


Snacks are an essential part of dog training. Dogs come in different shapes, sizes, behavior, etc. But one thing that all have in common is that they love snacks and treats. By using snacks as a reward for their good behavior, it becomes easier for trainers to teach them the right things.
You can feed your dog a variety of snacks, including cheese, sausage, and many others. Make sure you give him a proper amount of the snack and that it is not too sweet.


Kong is a toy that encourages dogs to play by themselves. This type of toy comes in the shape of a cone, and all you have to do is insert tasty food like cheese or sausages. The dog will try to get the food out of the cone and keep themselves busy. There are several goals accomplished by using the Kong:
He will learn how to keep himself busy so that he doesn’t bother us.
When the dog is in his crate he is rewarded with his favorite game, building a positive association with his place.
Maintaining the oral health of your dog. The kong is made from a special rubber compound that removes tartar from the dog’s teeth.
Separation anxiety can be treated with this tool.

Dogs Kong

Bone Marrow

Bone marrow is an excellent tool to keep them busy and mentally active. When they try to get the marrow from inside the bone, they work hard for it, and as such, it is mentally stimulating for them. You can easily get bone marrow (not cartilage, which is harmful to the digestive system) from the local butcher, freeze it, and give it to the dog whenever you need to keep them busy. If the dog is extremely aggressive, it is best to cook before giving it the bone marrow.


Standard leashes are generally made of fabric or leather, they are between 80 cm and two meters long, and they provide us with the basic control we need to take a dog for a walk and help us teach them how to walk.

Flexi Leash

A Flexi leash is a small retractable leash that is meant for toy dogs and small dog breeds. This type of leash gives your dog the freedom to move freely while giving you control even at a distance of up to 3 to 7 meters.
Due to the constant tension of the leash, it is not recommended for training dogs to walk

Long Leash

As the name suggests, a long leash is a leash that is long and is suitable for working with dogs in large open spaces and/or in front of stimuli. After your dog has learned how to behave with a standard leash in familiar places, a long leash can give him more freedom while still giving you some control and establishing trust. These leashes usually measure 10 meters in length and can also be used to strengthen a dog’s retrieving instinct. 

Dog Long Leash

No Pull Harness

No pull harness is exactly what the name stands for. It is an effective tool to prevent dogs from excessively pulling the leash while walking. It works by exerting pressure on the dog’s shoulder blades that prevents them from walking if they pull on the leash.
The no-pull harness teaches the dog to walk slower if they want to move freely without any pressure on their shoulder.


Leading our dogs properly is one of the keys to building our leadership. Halti is a special type of dog harness that is attached to the head of the dog. They come in different sizes so that you can find the right size for any dog. The halti leash is placed on a dog’s mouth and tightens every time the dog pulls us when we walk them. This gives the trainer total control over the dog, and they no longer try to do whatever they want.
Not only is it helpful in training a dog to walk, but a halti can also establish control and leadership in the eyes of the dog. In addition to training dogs that are just learning to walk, halti is also used to boost the confidence of weak and frightened dogs.

Halti Dog

Choke Collar

Walking is one of the basic training that we teach dogs. However, some dogs can be extremely unruly and harder to train than others. In such cases, To teach them proper walking habits, we use choke collars. Whenever the dog tries to pull the trainer while walking, he will get a strong and shocking pull around the neck. This prevents them from acting out, and they learn not to pull next time around.
We understand that a choke collar can be extremely unpleasant for dogs, which is why we don’t use it until and unless it’s required in rare cases.

Jumbo Anchor Hook

It is a small yet extremely helpful and vital tool to have when training dogs. The jumbo anchor hook is simply a screw that we can attach to a wall anywhere for tying the dog’s leash whenever required. This can help in potty training and several others.

Flight Cage / crating a dog

A flight cage usually serves as a tool to carry your dog with your while going on trips. They also work as a dog’s den in your home. However, we will also use a flight cage as a tool for potty training. If we have a dog that has an unbalanced behavior, we can also use the cage to control their behavior at times. It is a simple tool but has several uses and can be extremely helpful during the training.

Dog Flight Cage


Brushes are another excellent tool that serves multiple purposes at the same time. It can be used for both grooming the dog as well as to accustom them to our touch. It is no secret that dogs love it when we pet them. Hence, by combing their hair when training them, they can get used to our touch and also get closer and more comfortable with the whole training.

Artificial Hand

An artificial hand is an important tool to have when training an aggressive dog that tends to bite anyone that comes in contact with them. These types of artificial hands are either made of rubber or wood and are covered with a glove to make them look real.
During the initial stages of training an aggressive dog, the artificial hand will be used to pet the dog. This way, even if the dog tries to bite the trainer, the trainer will not be harmed. The trainers will start petting the dog with their actual hands only after a few successful training sessions.


It’s not uncommon for dogs to bite or eat anything they find in things they shouldn’t be eating. Almost anything that they find interesting and within reach will be eaten or bitten by them. In such cases, the muzzle can be an effective tool to protect the dog as well as the things around them. When training dogs that have extreme biting habits, the muzzle can be a vital tool to have.

Dog Muzzle


A simple yet super effective toy, a ball helps in increasing a dog’s drive. Not only is it fun to play for the dog, but it can also help us increase our influence over the dog. But it is also important not to over-tire the dog.
We can use it to increase the control of the dog and it will allow us to give the dog his full rights in the shortest amount of time.

Rope With A Ball

A valuable tool for increasing drives and strengthening retrieval instincts in dogs. There are three important rules to remember when playing with this toy:

  • The center of gravity of the game will be on the floor.
  • Playing with intonation will serve us in the future, so it is important.
  • Allow the dog to win by catching the ball, so he won’t lose interest. Don’t frustrate him. Make the dog try, but at the same time, keep it interested.
Puppy Rope With A Ball

Puppy Roll

A puppy roll is an excellent bite toy that helps in building a strong connection between a dog and its trainer. It is made either of cloth or leather and can adjust drives in dogs. Mainly given as a prize or as a game for the purpose of building a healthy relationship between you and the dog.

Flying Disk And Special Toys

Toys like flying disks, hoops, soap bubbles, pulling a rope, etc., are extremely helpful when training dogs. Using these toys can help our dogs become more controlled, leading to an obsession with their favorite toy, so we can provide him with a need for these toys.

Dog Whistle

Compared to a human, a dog’s sense of hearing is about three times stronger. Dogs respond to a broad range of tones, which the person will not hear. Training a dog based on its sense of hearing is usually very effective. We can use a simple dog whistle to call the dog from a distance when we are in public places or residential neighborhoods so that we don’t disturb people or make any noise.

Dog Whistle

Laser Marker

It focuses on the dog’s sense of sight. When training the dog to chase the red dot, it is vital that you reward him properly so that he won’t be discouraged from running aimlessly. It works for hunting dogs, but also for other breeds that are sensitive to a red light.

Rattle Bottle

A rattle bottle is a tool that helps control a dog’s unwanted behavior when the words “Drop” or “No” are not enough. The tool’s frightening and surprising noise, when accompanied by our tone and command, can make your dog stop whatever they are doing. As soon as the dog obeys the command, make sure to go back to your normal tone and release them from the tension. Also, don’t use the rattle bottle too often to control your dog. If used regularly, the noise will no longer feel like a threat to the dog, and he will get used to it. 
In case the rattle bottle does not scare the dog, throwing it in the direction of his feet may scare him a little. This will be an unpleasant experience for the dog so that he does not repeat the same again.
In most cases, just showing him this tool will be enough to stop the unwanted behavior once he associates the rattle bottle with an unpleasant feeling. 
Dogs Rattle Bottle

Electronic Collar

Using the electronic collar, a dog can be trained more efficiently and better controlled. During the learning phase, if the dog does not listen to the commands given to him, the collar will initially trigger a warning sound or vibrating signal. If he still ignores the commands, then the collar will give an electric shock.
During the initial phase of the training, a dog may receive electric simulation several times. However, after a few training sessions, the warning sound\buzz alone will be enough to make the dog obey the commands. Hence, the dog will become more disciplined thanks to the electronic collar.
It is imperative that we ask ourselves why the dog doesn’t listen to us before using an e-collar.

Barking collar

For dogs that have the habit of frequently barking, the barking collar is a great way to prevent that behavior. It gives an unpleasant response to loud dogs by giving them a short electric shock, which stops them from barking. However, before using the collar, it is important to first find out the reason for the dog’s excessive and loud barking.

Electric Fence

An electric fence acts as an invisible boundary that prevents the dog from crossing into certain areas. This tool is highly effective in controlling your dog’s movement so that they don’t walk into areas you don’t want them to.
The electric fence also gives out a warning sound, which is triggered as soon as the dog approaches the “forbidden boundary.” If he keeps walking towards it and reaches the invisible fence, he will receive a shock.
While it’s an effective tool when trained properly, we should also be cautious while using it. We must examine why the dog keeps running into the forbidden area and if installing the electric fence will prevent him from moving freely around the yard.

Dog Electric Fence

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