Best Chew Toys For Large Dogs

7 Best Chew Toys For Large Dogs

The chew toys are a favourite among many dog owners. It’s easy to understand why — they’re quite durable. Even when subjected to the crushing force of teeth and jaws, the rock-solid surface remains intact. Your dogs may get weeks or months of chewing pleasure out of a single one of these hard chews toys. The following are the 7 best chew toys for large dogs, chosen from among tens of thousands of other goods that have been evaluated.

1. Benebone 

Chew Toys For Large Dogs: All of the ingredients in Benebones, which are manufactured of nylon, are from the United States. Select items produce and packaged independently in a peanut-free facility if your dog has a sensitivity to nuts. All of these dog bone items are made in the United States, in New York, and only high-quality, locally sourced ingredients taken.


Because they are not edible, Benebones can last for days or even weeks, depending on how often your dog uses them and how often they chew and played with. Regardless of your dog’s age, we found them to be an excellent choice. For your pet’s convenience, these treats come in four different forms and flavors (jack salmon, maple wood, peanut butter, bacon, and chicken) and come in four different sizes (wishbone, maple stick, dental chew, and zaggler). Here are our thoughts on Benebones as a whole, as well as our own and our pets’ personal experiences with it.


  • Benebones are long-lasting, thanks to the nylon exterior, so your dog can enjoy them for several days or even a week.
  • All of the ingredients are from the United States and are of the highest quality.
  • Dogs of all shapes, sizes and ages can enjoy Benebone products, which come in a wide range of flavors and sizes.


  • Some bone fragments may break off when your dog chews on them inadvertently, but you should keep an eye out for them because they are not edible. Broken or damaged Benebone products are thrown away immediately.

2. Nylabone

Dogs of all breeds can find a Nylabone to suit their needs. There are many ridges and nubs to improve the bone’s texture for dental care, and different flavors are available. From the same company, Nylabone also has a range of dog treats and dental chews that help keep your pet’s teeth in good shape.


Chewy treats and bones are produced by this company at high-quality facilities in the United States and China. Standards for food safety are followed throughout the whole production process, including third-party organizations and research centers that accredit. Dog snacks and textured dog bones from this company have been shown to be beneficial to the health of our pets.


  • Nylabone sells puppy teething bones made of a unique polymer as well as adult dog bones.
  • Depending on how much your pet appreciates their toy, chew treats or bones may last several days or longer.
  • Nylabone guarantees a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you may exchange or refund your dog’s treats if you ordered the wrong one or if it doesn’t meet your dog’s requirements.
  • Bacon, peanut butter, and chicken are the available flavors.
  • Wishbones, sticks, and bundles are all forms of bone shapes that your dog can appreciate.


  • When compared to other brands, Nylabone doesn’t have as many flavor possibilities.

3. Blue Buffalo Dental Bones

Blue dental bones, commonly referred to as blue dental bones or blue bones, are available from Blue Buffalo, a recognized company known for its comprehensive variety of natural dog food recipes, dog treats, and dental bones.


They note their use of only natural ingredients, free of preservatives or artificial flavorings. Blue Buffalo’s dental bones manufacture in the United States and adhere to strict quality standards, ensuring that your dog’s teeth remain clean and healthy. This brand has a lot of advantages for dogs.


  • Artificial ingredients, poultry or poultry by-products, maize, wheat, or soy are all omitted from the Blue Buffalo diet, making it an excellent choice for dogs with food allergies or sensitivities.
  • There are a variety of dog bone sizes, from the smallest to the largest, to fit the needs of any dog breed.
  • Healthy elements that reduce tartar buildup and tooth damage are included in all Blue Bones and Dental Bones dog treats.


  • For the sake of your dog’s oral health and well-being, some Buffalo Blue products can be pricey.

4. Kong Ball–Great Heavy Duty Ball

It took me by surprise when we bought a Kong ball a few years ago how heavy it is. Due to the weight, it’s not ideal for running fetch in the house and not meant to be, but it’s indestructible. Laika has owned this ball for years, and there isn’t a single fang mark to be seen on it. Kong and West Paw have been the only two medium-sized balls that have lasted more than one year in our collection. My go-to toy for fetching outside is this ball.


  • Heavy duty
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean


  • A bit on the heavy side
  • Low bounce

5. Kong Classic Dog Toy

In spite of the fact that KONG today produces a wide range of high-quality dog and cat toys, its most famous product is this oddly shaped toy. Despite its unusual appearance, the original Kong toy has become a huge hit with dogs all around the world. Why is that the case?


Actually, this Kong is also one of the best toys ever manufactured. Besides being long-lasting and multipurpose, it also makes the dog happy! First and foremost, the Kong is a fantastic fetch toy for your dog. The form of the toy causes it to bounce in an unpredictable manner, which keeps dogs engaged.


If you want to keep your dog’s attention focused on the stuffed toy rather than a treat or peanut butter, you can do so. In addition, this is a chewable toy that isn’t going to disintegrate in a matter of minutes.

The Kong may purchase in any size you desire, so you can select one that is just right for your dog. The toy comes in a variety of hardnesses, including an extra-hard rubber version that’s ideal for dogs who like to chew on their toys a lot, as well as a softer version for older dogs and puppies.


  • A perfect fetch toy.
  • Great for teething dogs.
  • We can stuff it with treats.
  • It comes in a variety of sizes.


  • With sizing, it can be difficult.

Tug Toys For Large Dogs

6. Hartz Dura-Play Dog Toy

It’s nice to have good dog toys, and they can also get pricey. This Hartz toy solves the problem. Their products are high-quality, adaptable, and reasonable price. Natural latex is used to make the outer shell of Hartz Dura Play toys. Durability boosts the solidity of the outer layer. Toys constructs entirely of rubber are heavy, but we filled the Dura Play toys with soft, lightweight foam. A result is a hybrid object that is squishy on the inside but firm on the outside.


Hartz also gives you the option of customizing the design of your toy. The ball, bone, and rocket are all made with the same features; they merely come in different sizes and shapes. A wide range of sizes means you can always locate one that will fit your dog. All of their dog toys feature a squeaker and a bacon scent, which makes it easier for the dog to get used to a new toy.


  • A variety of sizes and shapes are available.
  • Minimalistic (it also floats)
  • Incredible cost-effective.


  • Extreme chewers should not attempt this recipe.

7. West Paw Jive Zogoflex Durable Ball Dog Chew Toy

There’s a treat-dispensing element on the West Paw Zogoflex Tux Interactive Chew Toy, which is designed to keep your dog mentally stimulated as he or she chews. For dogs, chewing comes naturally, and the act of doing so can be both mentally and physically stimulating for your pet. A treat-dispensing toys are the best approach to stimulate your dog’s intellect. It is our top pick for a chew toy that can withstand the rigours of a heavy chewer.

This West Paw Zogoflex Tux Interactive Treat-Dispensing Chew Toy is BPA- and phthalate-free, thanks to its ultra-durable, non-toxic components. If you’re looking for a way to keep your dog’s mind stimulated, this toy is the best option. 


  • Most pawrents commend the products’ quality and durability.
  • Suitable with the majority of launchers.
  • Its wacky form keeps the dog’s attention by bouncing around unpredictably.


  • As a result, it may not last as long as a chew toy.
  • Some smaller dogs may find it too much to handle.

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