Final Quiz

Final Quiz

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Why should we teach our dog special tricks?

Dog Skateboard

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How should a leader behave?

Leader Of Dogs

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At what age is it right to separate a puppy from its mother?

Puppy Under Seperate Age

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What is the use of negative reinforcement?

Dog Negative Reinforcement

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What is the right term for diverting the dog from his way to the way you desired?

Dog Correction

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The pup will receive meals as follows:

Dog Meals

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At what age is the dog already fully mature?


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What is Halti?

Halti Dog

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If we do not have the ability to release the puppy at the moment but we do not want him to be in the den:

Dog Tie Down

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Why is it important to get familiar with the dog drives?

Dog Drive Adjustment

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When we will use a muzzle?

Dog Muzzle

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If you caught the puppy biting a forbidden object, what will you do?

Puppy Bites Owner

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What is the most effective way to prevent a dog from committing crimes?

Dog Planning

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What is the right decision to make if the dog is sitting calmly in its place?

Dog Lying

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What is the correct sentence for the rope with the ball?

Puppy Rope With A Ball

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If your dog jumps at you obsessively, how will you behave?

Dog Attention

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What is the food ritual?

Dog Food

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When teaching to retrieve, how do we properly use the two-object method?

Two Objects Method