Final Quiz

Final Quiz

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When there is a narrow passage or a door, who would pass first?

Dog Door

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Before deciding on an electronic fence, what should we find out?

Dog Electric Fence

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What is the difference between walking habits and heel?

Dog Heel

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What is the correct sentence for the rope with the ball?

Puppy Rope With A Ball

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When you get to the food bag and the dog is starting to get excited and drooling it is called:

Dog Drooling

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What are the three basic rights of the dog?

Basic Dogs Rights

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What the cause of Neutering / Castration?

Dog Neutering Castration

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What is the food ritual?

Dog Food

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The pup will receive meals as follows:

Dog Meals

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What is the dog's external territory?

Dogs External Territory

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What is the most effective way to prevent a dog from committing crimes?

Dog Planning

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Who is the center of interest at home?

Dog Leader

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Which tool is used for puppies potty training?

Dog Flight Cage

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How to simulate a playpen for your puppy?

Puppy Bed

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If our "NO" and "Drop" is not enough meaningful, which tool can help us?

Dogs Rattle Bottle

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If you caught the puppy biting a forbidden object, what will you do?

Puppy Bites Owner

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When teaching to retrieve, how do we properly use the two-object method?

Two Objects Method

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You have decided that the dog will not get on the couches in the house but he still wants to get on, what will you do?

Dog Not On Cauch