Code Of Conduct Quiz

Code Of Conduct Quiz

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How many walks will you do with the dog in one day?

Dog Walking Routine

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What is the right decision to make if the dog is sitting calmly in its place?

Dog Lying

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If you caught the puppy biting a forbidden object, what will you do?

Puppy Bites Owner

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If your dog jumps at you obsessively, how will you behave?

Dog Attention

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What should I do if my dog is afraid of people with hats?

Scared Dog

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You have decided that the dog will not get on the couches in the house but he still wants to get on, what will you do?

Dog Not On Cauch

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When will you give the dog a command?

Dog Command

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Will you play with your dog tag with the leash?

Dog Tag Rope

9 / 10

How will you react if your dog is afraid of something?

Scared Dog

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Who is the center of interest at home?

Dog Leader
Dislocation of Joints in Dogs

Dislocation of Joints in Dogs

It is possible for dogs, especially active dogs, to dislocate their joints. This kind of injury can be caused by a diverse range of causes… What are the signs that dog owners should look out for, and what are the steps they should take if they notice them?

Dog Facts: The Chihuahua

Dog Facts: The Chihuahua

The Chihuahua has a long and interesting history. What’s the story behind it? The following is a bit of an introduction to the history and facts of this small but mighty dog!

Making A Dog House Like An Expert

Making a Dog House Like an Expert

In order to help you begin your project to build a house for your furry friend, we have put together some tips to consider. This is because building a house for your furry friend is more than just nailing wood together and painting it. There are some features to take into consideration in order to construct an ideal doghouse. Make a plan!